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Boucle du Hainaut
Hainaut Loop project kicks off
After more than two years of preparation, the Hainaut Loop project is now underway. Elia is beginning the procedure to review the regional development plan. The application has been submitted to the municipal authorities. Due to the current coronavirus measures, digital communication channels will replace the usual information sessions. The Hainaut Loop project, a new 380-kV connection between Avelgem and Courcelles (84.4 km), is currently one of Elia's key infrastructure projects.    
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Berlin Wall
Berlin Wall
Berlin Wall inaugurated
Former European Council President Herman Van Rompuy and the German Ambassador to Belgium Martin Kotthaus were the guests of honour at the inauguration of a section of the Berlin Wall at Elia's site in Schaerbeek. Elia Group bought the monument during a charity auction at the Brussels art fair BRAFA. The purchased fragment symbolises intra-Group cooperation and mutual solidarity between Elia and 50Hertz, which have their head offices in Brussels and Berlin respectively. The proceeds from the purchase will go to Kom op tegen Kanker, a Belgian charity that funds cancer research.  

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Half-yearly results: business continuity in unprecedented times
The half-yearly results were released in late July. Elia Group is ensuring business continuity in these unprecedented times. Grid investment totalled €134.7 million in Belgium and €191.3 million in Germany. COVID-19 is having no material impact on the results of the Elia Group in 2020. The financial forecasts for this year have been confirmed. 
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Elia Group HY results 2020
Nemo Link
Succesful year of operations for Nemo Link 
Nemo Link is the 1000-MW subsea high-voltage connection between the UK and Belgium that came online in early 2019. With its current availability of 99.9% for 2020, Nemo Link has now completed a very successful year of operations. Since 1 September the interconnector's loss factor has dropped from 2.6% to 2.372% thanks to the fact that energy losses during transmission have so far been lower than initially expected. A lower loss factor means that market parties have to pay less for energy losses during transmission on the interconnector.

50Hertz Uckermark
Permit awarded for major high-voltage line in Germany

50Hertz has received the permit to build the Uckermark line. This an overhead connection between the Bertikow and Vierraden substations northeast of Berlin. The existing 220-kV line will be replaced by a 380-kV line, ultimately making it possible to transmit five times more electricity. Since the line runs through a Natura 2000 area major efforts were made to take account of local fauna and flora. For example, bird markers will be installed and masts will be 20 metres lower in certain places. 
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40% more transmission capacity                                    

50Hertz has installed high-temperature low-sag conductors on part of the 380-kV line between Saxony and Thuringia. These are made of a special alloy that makes it possible to increase transmission capacity by up to 40%, enabling more electricity from renewable sources to be safely integrated into the system. 

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Four German TSOs join forces for efficient congestion management

Amprion, TenneT, TransnetBW and 50Hertz have launched a joint project to harmonise their redispatching measures. Redispatching is when market parties are paid to produce or consume more or less than usual. This is sometimes necessary in order to avoid congestion on the grid. This used to be done on a per control area basis, but is now coordinated within the entire German grid electricity system.

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Boucle de l'est
Protecting the fragile natural environment 
In Liège Province, Elia is working on implementing the East Loop project, part of which runs through vulnerable nature areas. In an effort not to damage moist peat soil, access ramps are being installed built with rock buffers. You can learn exactly how this works in this video.   
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Boucle de l'est
Open Innovation Challenge
Open Innovation Challenge final to be hybrid event
This Thursday, 10 September the winner of the 2020 Open Innovation Challenge will be revealed. This is the fourth time Elia Group is organising this innovation competition for startups and SMEs. This year's event will focus on the development of digital solutions for secure grid and data management. Due to the coronavirus measures the number of attendees will be limited, but the event will be broadcast live with multiple cameras at this link.
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