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Elia Group launches re.alto, the first European marketplace for energy data
Elia Group has announced the official launch of its own start-up: re.alto. This digital marketplace brings together data from suppliers and consumers and exchanges it via standardised energy APIs. This makes energy data accessible and more quickly integratable, enabling the energy industry to take a huge digital leap forward towards customer-centric business models that offer energy services. This is a key stage in the transition to a sustainable energy system.   
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IO.Energy to resume 
The Internet of Energy (IO.Energy) project run by Belgium’s grid operators will resume in early 2021. The Belgian grid operators made the announcement at an evaluation event concluding the first test phase. The IO.Energy ecosystem consists of more than 60 Belgian companies jointly setting up projects to allow consumers to participate directly in the energy market. In the first phase, eight tests were developed. You can view the results on the IO.Energy website.
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ALEGrO interconnector nearly ready
Walloon Energy Minister Philippe Henry and Regional Planning Minister Willy Borsus visited the ALEGrO converter station in Lixhe (Liège Province) to witness the installation of the final connection in the underground cable. ALEGrO is the first electrical interconnector between Belgium and Germany, with a maximum exchange capacity of 1,000 MW. It will increase security of supply for both countries and ensure better integration of renewable energy. The project is scheduled to start commercial operation in mid-November.
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Boucle du Hainaut
Video about the Boucle du Hainaut project

Elia has completed a series of information sessions for the Boucle du Hainaut project in Hainaut Province. Stretching approximately 84 kilometres, this will be one of Elia's largest infrastructure projects in Belgium. The planned 380-kV line between Avelgem and Courcelles is a missing link in the Belgian high-voltage grid. Why is the project needed? How was the proposed corridor determined? What were the alternatives and why have some not been used? Elia addresses the most frequently asked questions in an educational video.  
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Brabo III project presented via digital map app

Elia used a new digital map app when presenting the Brabo III project to local residents. You can consult the Project Atlas to get an impression of the current and future situation through panoramic images. Brabo III is the last part of the large-scale Brabo project, which will upgrade the power grid in and around the Port of Antwerp and ensure a better connection with the Netherlands. It is scheduled for completion by the end of 2024. You can learn more about the Atlas Brabo III project on the dedicated website.
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Orange is the new green
Orange is the New Green
Elia launched its new mobility policy during Mobility Week. With Orange is the New Green, we strive for better and more sustainable mobility for our employees. Our reporter Aurélie explains how exactly we're doing that in this vlog.
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First credit line with sustainability targets
Elia has signed an agreement with a consortium of seven banks for a €650 million revocable credit line. The credit line pricing mechanism is linked to Elia achieving sustainability targets. This approach demonstrates Elia's commitment to corporate social responsibility and is a first step towards a sustainable financing strategy.
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Elia eerste kredietlijn mdt duurzammheidsdoelstellingen
Eurogrid included in NASDAQ Sustainability Bond Network
Eurogrid, the parent company of 50Hertz, recently joined the Sustainability Bond Network of NASDAQ, the US exchange focusing on tech stocks. This platform provides detailed information on investment opportunities in environmental and climate-related projects. The companies in the NASDAQ network are contributing to the energy transition, addressing climate challenges and are committed to a sustainable environment.  
Eurogrid opgenomen in NASDAQ Sustainability Bond Netwerk
Elia joins Belgian Alliance for Climate Action (BACA)
Elia has joined the newly established Belgian Alliance for Climate Action (BACA), which wants to see a greater focus on decarbonisation. By 2030, we want to reduce our Group-wide greenhouse gas emissions by more than 40%. By joining the alliance, Elia is demonstrating its commitment to meeting the Paris climate targets and inspiring other companies to do the same. BACA is a coalition of 51 Belgian organisations and was founded by The Shift and WWF.
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MOG weather station restored via augmented reality
Elia's offshore team has successfully tested the Hololens 2 Remote Assist programme. These new-generation augmented reality headsets enable remote technical support. Thanks to the headsets, experts in the office can see through the eyes of the technicians in the field. Via the headset they can display manuals, technical drawings and navigation arrows in augmented reality. This new method was recently tested when the Norwegian supplier of the Modular Offshore Grid weather system had to cancel planned repairs due to COVID-19 restrictions. The Elia team was able to carry out maintenance itself with remote support from the supplier.
Vision Zero for safety leadership and zero accidents
Safety is a top priority for Elia Group, as is evident from in-house campaigns such as Go for Zero and Gib8, as well as our ISO 45001 certification. But Elia Group wants to go further and embed safety even more firmly in our corporate culture – which is why we are partnering with Vision Zero. Elia Group's Safety Leadership Culture will be further optimised. Everyone will become a safety ambassador capable of inspiring others.
Elia Group develops Inside Information Platform (IIP)

Elia Group is now listed as an Inside Information Platform (IIP) on ACER's REMIT platform. Our aim is to guarantee continuity in the transparency services Elia provides for market parties. As of 1 January 2021, every market party that falls under the REMIT regulation must publish its inside information on a special platform (IIP). In Belgium, Elia's IIP will be open to market parties that publish disruptions and other market information. Interested in joining? Send an e-mail to: transparency@elia.be.  

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