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from 60 to 100 by 2032
50Hertz aiming for 100% renewable energy in its grid by 2032
With the slogan From 60 to 100 by 2032: for an economy with a future, 50Hertz has pledged to cover all electricity demand in its grid area with entirely renewable energy by 2032 and safely integrate this energy into its grid. This is both an economic and a climate target for 50Hertz's grid area, which encompasses the east German federal states and the city-states of Berlin and Hamburg. In 2019, the average share of renewable energy in the 50Hertz grid area was 60%. Watch these videos to find out why we have set this target and how we plan to achieve it.

Video statement Stefan Kapferer on 50Hertz' renewables strategy
Video message from Stefan Kapferer,
CEO 50Hertz
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Video statement Chris Peeters on 50Hertz' renewables strateg
Video message from Chris Peeters,
CEO Elia Group
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Start van de goedkeurings-procedure voor SuedOstlink
Launch of SuedOstLink approval procedure
The public consultation for a significant stretch of the SuedOstLink has now begun, covering sections A1 (from Wolmirstedt to Könnern) and A2 (from Könnern to Eisenberg). The SuedOstLink will play a vital role in equipping the German transmission system for a successful energy transition and will mainly transmit wind energy generated in northern Germany to the south of the country. Construction work on the project, a joint undertaking by German system operators 50Hertz and TenneT, is set to begin in 2022. With a capacity of 525 kV (instead of the usual 320 kV), the underground cable will be able to transmit larger volumes of energy.
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Major step forward for Hansa PowerBridge project  
Another step has been taken towards the implementation of the Hansa PowerBridge project, which will see the construction of a cross-border electricity cable system linking Germany and Sweden: 50Hertz has applied for the permits for the first part of the offshore route. The Hansa PowerBridge interconnector is intended to take the form of a 300-kV high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) line spanning a distance of some 300 km between Hurva in Sweden and Güstrow in Germany. The German part of the project, for which 50Hertz is responsible, consists of an offshore cable route totalling around 105 km, an onshore section of around 70 km and a converter station at Güstrow.
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Belangrijkse stap voor Hansa PowerBridge
New power-to-heat-project at 50Hertz
We want to integrate renewable energy into the grid as effectively as possible, which is why 50Hertz has teamed up with energy services provider GETEC to launch a new power-to-heat (PtH) project in its grid area. GETEC operates two natural-gas-fired combined heat and power (CHP) plants serving around 7,000 flats and commercial units in Hamburg. In the future, one of these two facilities will be taken offline if strong winds lead to more electricity being generated in northern Germany than can be transmitted south. If that happens, the PtH unit, with its capacity of 5 MW, will kick in. 50Hertz is covering all the investment costs for the project, which total €1.2 million. The PtH unit is due to be commissioned in late 2021.

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Brandweeroefening BRABO
Brabo fire drill 
Antwerp's mayor Bart De Wever was rescued from one of the high-voltage pylons on the banks of the Scheldt in Antwerp as part of a spectacular week-long evacuation drill organised by Brandweer Zone Antwerpen and Hulpverleningszone Waasland, the fire and emergency services of Antwerp and Waasland respectively. At 192 metres, the pylons are the tallest in the Benelux and were erected as part of Brabo, Elia's project to upgrade the high-voltage grid in and around the port of Antwerp and generally enhance Belgium's security of supply. Commissioning of the new high-voltage line is scheduled for the summer, which is why intensive training is still under way.
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Brandweeroefening Brabo
New CEO and COO appointments at re.alto
The Board of Directors at re.alto, part of Elia Group, is pleased to announce the appointments of Alexandre Torreele as CEO and Sam Warburton as COO, effective from July 1st. re.alto was set up in 2019 by Elia Group to create the first European marketplace for the exchange of energy data, digital products and services via APIs. The appointment of Alexandre Torreele, previously Head of Strategy, Innovation and Digital at Elia Group, and Sam Warburton as COO bolsters the re.alto senior team and signals the company’s strategic ambition ahead of the official launch of its full API platform this summer.

Alexandre Torreele CEO re.alto
Alexandre Torreele joined Elia Group in 2013 and has held different positions within corporate strategy, innovation and digital. He was responsible for the innovation management process and put in place a broad ecosystem of partners including start-ups. 
Sam Warburton has more than 20 years’ experience in the industry. He is an innovator with expertise in developing and delivering disruptive business models across the energy value chain.
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As well as keeping Belgium's lights on, we are working on the energy system of the future. Elia is looking for driven, talented people to help rise to this challenge. Are you in?
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OIC2020 Elia Group
Five Elia Group innovation competition finalists announced 
The five finalists for the Open Innovation Challenge, a joint initiative by Elia and 50Hertz, have now been announced. The Open Innovation Challenge helps Elia Group to innovate in highly specific areas of its work as a system operator by engaging in joint projects with start-ups. This year's competition focuses on the development of digital solutions promoting more secure grid and data management. The call for entries was launched in January, and the judging panel has now prepared a shortlist of five finalists from the 82 submissions. The winner will be announced at the grand final in Brussels in early September.
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