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General Meeting
Elia launches a Rights Offering of maximum 7,628,104 New Shares, in an amount of maximum 434,801,928 EUR 

Elia System Operator SA announced the launch of a public offering to existing shareholders and any holders of an extra-legal preferential right ("Preferential Right") (the "Rights Offering") of 434,801,928 euros maximum, through the issuance of up to 7,628,104 new shares at a subscription price of 57.00 EUR per share, on the basis of 1 New Share for 8 Preferential Rights.
Preferential Rights that are not exercised during the rights subscription period will be converted into an equal number of scrips and will be offered for sale in a private placement to institutional investors.

Full details of the Rights Offering are included in the prospectus which is available in three languages (Dutch, French and English) on eliagroup.eu/offering. Please read the prospectus before investing. Investing in shares involves risks.
Shareholders’ Meeting approves 2018 financial results, dividend pay-out and authorised capital

The Ordinary General Meeting of May 21 approved the results for the 2018 financial year and the gross dividend pay-out of €1.66 per share. The Extraordinary General Meeting authorised the Board of Directors to increase the capital of Elia by a maximum amount of €435,000,000, by way of a public offering with preference rights for the shareholders.
Shareholders meeting
Elia Group releases Interim Statement: Q1 2019

On Friday, May 17, Elia Group published its interim statement for Q1 2019. The highlights include the reiteration of the 2019 financial outlook, NemoLink being operational, the WindNODE flexibility platform entering into the practical phase in Germany, the launch of IO.Energy, a cross-sectoral ecosystem aimed at optimising end users’ comfort and energy bills in Belgium.
Interim Statement
Catherine Vandenborre elected
"CFO of the Year 2019" 

On May 15, Trends-Tendances named Elia’s Chief Financial Officer Catherine Vandenborre “CFO of the Year 2019”. Catherine and her team received the recognition for playing a key role in the transaction that enabled Elia to take full control of the German company 50Hertz. This operation was all the more remarkable as it was partly financed by the issue of hybrid securities, as to not affect Elia's solvency. Congratulations!
CFO of the Year 2019
Brabo Open Sites Day

Project BRABO attracts 1500 visitors during Open Sites Day 2019

On May 17-18-19, Elia opened its BRABO site to the public informing them about this important project in the Port of Antwerp. Visitors were able to view the pylons of the Scheldt crossing. At a height of 192 metres, these pylons will be the tallest structures in the Antwerp skyline and the tallest electricity pylons in the Benelux. Open Sites Day was a success attracting more than 1500 visitors over the weekend including press, schools and stakeholders.
Project BRABO aims to upgrade the high-voltage grid and improve the security of supply at the Port of Antwerp and in Belgium. The second phase of the project is currently in full swing and consist of renovating and upgrading the existing 150 kV high-voltage line to a 380 kV connection.

Political stakeholders visit Elia's first plus at sea

Following the installation of its topside and the connection of the first two cables to the mainland, Elia invited political stakeholders to visit the Modular Offshore Grid in the North Sea. Federal Minister for Energy Marie Christine Marghem, Federal Minister for the North Sea Philip De Backer, Mayor of Ostend Bart Tommelein and Mayor if Bruges Dirk De Fauw attended the event.
Chris Peeters attends InnoGrid 2020+ and Eurelectric's Power Summit 

In May, our CEO was invited to share his vision on digitisation and the consumer-centric energy system at two international conferences. On May 13, he presented concrete innovation experiences from business life at InnoGrid 2020+ in Brussels. On May 20, Chris shared Elia Group's view and experience on putting the consumer at the centre of the power system during Eurelectric's Power Summit in Florence.
Eurelectric Power Summit

Ventilus information sessions in full swing

Since mid-May, local residents can attend information sessions organised by Elia. During the sessions, the Flemish Department of Environment, Elia and independent experts explain the objective of the project and how it will be executed. Stakeholders also have the option to put forward their suggestions, questions and advice about the project online via a dialogue box on the Ventilus website. 
Ventilus will connect wind energy from the North Sea to a new electricity highway in West Flanders. Via connections to other grid projects, Ventilus will constitute a strong electricity network enabling the transmission of renewable energy. The project is part of a broader network development plan scheduled for implementation between 2020 and 2030.

CGS wins "Good Practice of the Year Award"

50Hertz and the Danish TSO Energinet recevied the "Good Practice of the Year" award for their joint interconnector project Combined Grid Solution (CGS). 
CGS is the first hybrid interconnector that connects Germany to Denmark using the infrastructure of existing offshore wind farms. This maximum use of offshore infrastructure received particular praise by Renewables Grid Initiative during the award ceremony.
Combined Grid Solution
Kanaal Z report on German-Belgian offshore collaboration

Germany is one of the leading countries when it comes to renewable offshore energy. Today, more than 56% of the generated energy in the north-east of the country comes from renewables. Also in Belgium, Elia is investing in offshore projects to accelerate the energy transition. The exchange of experiences and sharing of best practices between 50Hertz and Elia is beneficent for Elia Group and of great importance for the decarbonisation of our society at European level.
Kanaal Z report
Open Innovation Challenge
Open Innovation Challenge Closing Event 

Over 80 startups applied for the Elia Group Open Innovation Challenge. On June 20, the top 5 applicants will present their innovative concepts to a jury of energy experts. The winner will receive 20.000€ and the chance to implement his ideas in collaboration with us.
The closing event is open to the public and will take place on June 20 at the Euref-campus in Berlin.

IO.Energy: use cases examined by expert panel  

The joint IO.Energy project passed another major milestone on Thursday 29 May at Co.Station in Brussels. A panel of academic experts analysed an overview of the use cases developed for the project to select the ones they considered most suitable. The representatives of the chosen use cases will present their work at the final stage of the ideation process, which will take place at Flagey on 24 June. The project will then enter its experimental phase, with the launch of the SandBox.
Imports and exports, monthly capacity auctions and price convergence in the CWE.
System services
Volumes of reserves activated and fluctuations in imbalance prices.
Consumption and generation
Generation and consumption data and Elia grid load curve.
Belpex data
Fluctuations in Belpex prices and volumes.​​​​​​​
Total solar forecast
Voorspelling offshore en onshore windproductie.
Total wind forecast
Actual photovoltaic generation and Intraday and Day-ahead forecasts. 
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